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First Lieutenant Patrick C. “Clebe” McClary III, USMC (Retired)


Professional Speaker and Author, Clebe McClary Inc.


Spouse: Deanna “Dea” 


First Lieutenant Patrick Cleburne McClary, III, USMC, Retired, known to thousands as “Clebe McClary,” is an American hero. During the Vietnam War, while some of his contemporaries were staging anti-war protests and desecrating the American flag, the Lowcountry native was serving as a platoon leader in the First Reconnaissance Battalion. On the battalion’s 19th patrol, the unit was attacked by the Viet Cong. Lieutenant McClary was seriously wounded, losing his left arm and left eye, yet he continued to lead his men. The numerous surgeries and long recovery period that followed could have taken a bitter toll, but he faced his rehabilitation with characteristic determination. In the years since, Lieutenant McClary has become a symbol of courage and hope to the many audiences around the world with whom he has shared his story.  

Awards & Accolades

The Silver Star 
The Bronze Star 
Three Purple Hearts 
Personalities of the South 
The Audie Murphy Award 
The J. Frank Grimes Award 
The American Legion Award 
The Texas Man of Valor Award 
The Young Man of the Year Award 
The Eisenhower People to People Award 
The George Washington Medal of                        Freedom 
The Outstanding Young Man of America
The Gen. Omar Bradley Spirit of      
      Independence Award, in honor of all
      Vietnam veterans 
The Order of the Palmetto,
      the highest honor a civilian can receive       from the State of South Carolina,      
      bestowed by Governor David Beasley