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Clebe has addressed audiences numbering from 10 to 10,000. He has spoken countless times in every state and over 30 foreign countries. For over 30 years, Clebe has been in demand as a guest speaker for Churches,  Fortune 500 corporations, small businesses, professional groups, medical organizations, educators and athletic teams.


Has spoken in all 50 states and 30 foreign countries 

Clebe McClary

Deanna McClary

An accomplished speaker and author, Deanna is a gifted speaker for Ladies' Events and Mother/Daughter Programs. 

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Our Military Families are always at the heart of what is Important to Clebe and Deanna!  Patriots at the Beach was created to provide a sustainable support team to meet the emotional and deployment needs of todays active duty Military family.  Clebe is a retired USMC combat veteran and as a married couple of 50 years, they 

genuinely understand the complexities of combat deployments and the significant stressors placed upon our Active Duty and

their family.

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